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Hello World!

Hello World!

This is my very first attempt at blogging. I have thought about if for a long time and decided to finally take the plunge. I am a busy wife and working mother of 3 beautiful boys. Being a working mother of 3 is very busy, and requires a lot of juggling, and sacrifice on all counts….my goal is to stay sane, and keep a little piece of me alive in this crazy place….looking forward to hearing from other working moms, share ideas, recipes, funny stories, and most importantly, tips on how to keep our sense of self, when the word ‘mom’ essentially can be defined as ‘giving everything you have’. While I think that being a mom is the most important title I will EVER have, I would like to keep a lil piece of me…so let’s figure out and share how to do this together….


Comments on: "Hello World!" (4)

  1. I agree!

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts, glad you decided to do this.

  2. Joania Burnett said:

    LIZ!!! So glad you decided to do this..I will definitely follow your blog as I’d love to get advice from you cause from what I’ve seen, you’re one of the few mommy’s doing it RIGHT!!! I don’t know how frequently I will be on, but I WILL BE ON…just trying to get into the “mommy of two” routine!! Will check in soon.

  3. Linnett Knight said:

    This is so great to tead. You are a wonderful daughter -in-law and just the best mother those boys could ever have.Jeff loves you so much and you make that easy by everything you do. We are always glad to help out when we can as we love you all so much. This is a phenomenal blog.
    Love you lots.

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