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…..in 24 hours

…in 24 hours….

I wake up at the crack of dawn…well, what feels like the crack of dawn, to go to the gym for some ‘me’ time, lest I don’t get to see myself for the entire day…rush home, shower, get all “dolled up” lol…well, brush my hair..for my tiny humans that make up my family unit for the day…

…in 24 hours

I pack lunches, make breakfasts, and send the kids off to learn and grow…while they are gone I pray that my kids return ‘un-damaged’ by all that surrounds. My tiny humans and I play, and learn…I feed them, love them, and hopefully make them happy…

…in 24 hours…

My big kids come home from school, I make dinner, shuttle kids to and from all sorts of activities they need to do to promote their minds, and their bodies…in between which, I make dinner, throw in a load or two of laundry, read to my little dude, and hopefully get to sit with him a minute to play trains, or game of his choice…

…in 24 hours….

I think about tomorrow, bathe kiddies, help and check homework, make sure lunches are made, all while grooving away to some tunes, or maybe while watching a little Y and R…oh yeah, and then there’s dinner…

in 24 hours….

I tuck kiddies into bed…and then, take a minute to sit…chat with my hubby…before deciding whether or not to watch the latest episode on the tele….nope, bed wins….so…off to bed….but before I go…

…in 24 hours…

I run the dishwasher, sweep the floors, pick up the toys, throw in a load of laundry, pick out clothes for school, check agendas….take a loooonnnnngggg hot shower…ahhh…finally time for sleep…

….and before you know it…another 24 hours…and I get to do it all again…

Being a mom like I say a lot, is the most fulfilling hat that I will probably ever wear….but while working from home is wonderful most of the time…some of the time….I feel like a hamster running in a wheel…sometimes, I wish things would slow down….sometimes, I wish there was just Liz….not always, but sometimes….

My depiction of 24 hours is a bit tongue in cheek. I in no way mean that all of this is accomplished without help. Running a family takes participation from all to work well…and I am lucky to have a whole lot of great boys surrounding me, and a husband who has his own version of “…in 24 hours”.

My question? In your ’24 hours’ how do you fit in time for you, without the guilt?? Do share, I am insanely curious…


Comments on: "…..in 24 hours" (6)

  1. It does seem like a never-ending treadmill sometimes. Some days it’s a little discouraging or overwhelming, but most days I’m enjoying [almost] every minute.

    I keep my camera close by and take tons of photographs. Documenting the every day things makes them seem special, and looking “through the lens” gives me a different perspective. Everything from playing trains to bath time to messy eating seems interesting and important when i’m photographing it. I love my camera and treasure my photos.

    I also love my evening ritual with my SO. Every night after the little ones are in bed, we have our quiet evening coffee and chat and reconnect. Some nights it’s for 10 minutes and some nights it’s for an hour, but we never miss it. I look forward to that time every day!

  2. That’s interesting, and very true…I do enjoy almost every minute, except maybe the ones where the kids are fighting fevers, and there’s nothing you can do….really good idea…I do the same, I am a camera-a-holic, and love taking pics…sometimes we forget how special the little things are…and they grow so fast, when I look back, even just weeks prior, it seems as though they have grown a foot.

    Ditto on the time with SO. Very important to keep connected….

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I feel tremendous guilt doing most ‘me’ things. I really wish there was a way to just shed that feeling like a snakeskin. Where did I go in all of this? Most of the time I’m OK with being ‘last on the list’, but there are times when I’ve just had enough, and go ahead and do what I most want to at that time. If you find the secret to balance, please pass it along! Love the blog, and love you more.

    • Me too. I think it’s awful to feel guilty, and I’m not sure why we do…are we programmed this way?? I think deep down, this is why I work out at 530 in the morning. The thought of doing something for myself while the kids are awake, and needing me truly makes me feel guilty…at least at 5:30 in the morning, I know that nobody needs me, and the guilt factor decreases dramatically…

      I’m totally okay with being last on the list…it’s when I’m not on it at all that I get a bit grumpy…lol…and I’m right there with you Bobbi. Some days, I just go ahead and do what I need at the time…it usually looks something like me running screaming from the building to my nearest nail bar, for a pedicure and nail fill….hahah…sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta….

      Balance?? LOL…what’s that?? I wish I knew how to find better balance, but DH said it best…sometimes our load is heavier, and sometimes our load is lighter…remember the newborn stage and waking up every 2 hours?? That was wonderful, and hideous. I thought I would die, but I actually made it through without too many scars…LOL…and I look back at pics (thanks Maranda) and see how much I actually miss and treasure those times, that now, upon reflection don’t seem so bad…

      My friend Nicole wrote a note on FB, likening being a mom to Shawshank Redemption…great note, and very true. She also noted, that just in the same way we schedule playdates etc for our kids, we need to make the effort to schedule things in for ourselves too…long gone are those spontaneous outings….for now…but we can definitely pen some time in for ourselves…

      On that note…girls night???

      Thanks for the love Bobbi…right back atcha.

  4. I love that!!!!!
    Me time? Complete me time…..mmmmm after 9pm LOL

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