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Nope, I know nothing about raising girls…I have 3 boys. …hmmm…edit…don’t know much about raising boys either, but I am learning as I go. 11 years ago, when I got pregnant with my eldest…there were “ooo’s and ahhs…” when everyone heard that we were having a son. We had NO idea what we were in for….how one tiny little human being can flip your world upside down is one kinda sumthin’ sumthin…

We went from working out twice a day, to working out ummm….not at all…from eating hot food, to grabbing something whenever we could…we went from (and this is the biggie) sleeping, to NOT…well, at least for the first  6 months, and then it was all good…lugging around playpens, diaperbags, toys, bottles…WOW! What a switch…and RIGHT when we thought we had it figured out….along came #2…

While pregnant with #2…our experience was completely different…comments this time were…”awwwww…..you’re having another boy?? That’s too bad, bet you wanted a girl…well, AT LEAST they’ll be friends for each other…” WTH?? My response, on good days, was usually the same…”no, we’re really happy that we are having a boy. God gave me what he knew I would be able to handle.. Children are blessings, no matter the sex….” On not so good days I would whisper profanities under my breath…

How did life change with #2? Actually, we learned quite a bit with #1, and so with my second little miracle, life was business as usual…

Number 3? What a difference! With 5 years difference between 2-3 babies…it feels like the baby is an only child…I am much slower with letting him grow up…not in a rush for anything…people comment now and say “…oh, were you trying for the girl??” Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder why people open their mouths at all…LOL…I am blessed and happy with my boys….on the one hand….on the other hand…how is it to live in a house full of boys?

Long gone are my days of pot pourri, and pink and frilly….everywhere I look, I see soccer shoes, shin pads, and all kinds of ‘boy’ paraphenalia…I have taken to walking around the house with bounce sheets…and I stick them everywhere.  The miracle cure for stinky cleats.

Long gone are my days of privacy…I remember when I could leave doors open, walk around the house in whatever I wanted…and now? Well, it’s a very different picture…but if I open a door without knocking? I’m greeted with….HEY!!! Privacy please!!! LOL…to which I respond…I made what you got! LOL…

Long gone are the days of watching girlie shows, (with the exception of the odd Dora episode)…instead, I watch episodes of Star Trek, Zach and Cody…and forget about going to a Beiber concert!! My oldest informed me that he would rather have an unknown disease than to be seen at a Beiber concert!!! LOL…

Having boys truly is wonderful, and again, a lot of this is just poking fun. I am so proud to see the wonderful people they are growing up to be…listening to my oldest play the piano, (reminds me so much of my dad, and to see him follow in his own dad’s footsteps with his talent for soccer…truly amazing. Watching my middle dude kick some butt in karate, and see his ‘joie de vivre’. The way he’s just always so happy when  he wakes up in the morning just makes me melt…and well, my tiny dude just makes me melt for being himself…such a loving and kind soul…the I wuv u mummy is ALMOST enough to make me give him chocolate for breakfast…

…and sometimes I think they actually DO remember that I’m a girl…I know this, cause every once in a while, I find the toilet seat down…

I think I am going to paint the family room pink. 🙂


Comments on: "Boy, boy, boy, boy……GIRL!!" (6)

  1. “I made what you got” <– I am totally stealing that! LOL, love it

  2. hahah…tis the truth, now, isn’t it??

  3. I love this! What a great read.
    Don’t think I could compromise on the family room, but I’m willing to paint the walk-in pink if you’d like!

  4. Wonderful!!!!Looking forward to your next post!

  5. Thanks for reading about what happens in my world…

  6. I love it Liz! I also will be stealing your “I made what you got” line, cracks me up!

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