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Daily routine with kids??

Hey errbody…

Looking for some info to make mornings less ‘CRAZY’….so needing some help.

Having 3 boys, getting everyone up, dressed, bags packed, lunches made, hair ‘did’ (yes, even with boys)…and all of this with the house in some kind of ‘order’…is a real challenge…

If you read this, can you take a minute to share what your morning routines are with your kids? How much do they do themselves in the morning? How much of your morning routine do you do at night?

Thanks y’all!!


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  1. Hey Liz,

    Sorry it’s chaotic, we have some issues also but after a long back-to-school adjustment period, have set some morning routine rules. Even with a set routine, there are still challenges but I believe that coincides with the age of our kids. I have to give credit to my dh for all of his effort with the lunches and breakfasts.

    Lunches are packed the night before and kept in the fridge. The table is set for breakfast the night before also. (thank you P!)

    The kids have 5 things to do before they’re allowed to play in the mornings. (we do not allow TV on school days.) 1. eat breakfast, 2. get dressed, 3. make their beds, 4. brush their hair, 5. brush their teeth. When all of those things are done, they can do what they please until it’s time to go to school. Our 3 year old needs help with most of those things and we still make his bed but the girls (6 and 8) are basically on their own. If I haven’t set out their clothes for the day, they choose their own. I still pack their backpacks and set them up in the hall next to their outerwear so it’s easier to get out the door. Our biggest challenge is our 3 yr old, who is very particular about what he wears, it can take a long time and some ultimatums every day before he’s out of his pj’s.

    Having a checklist has helped, they know what to expect every day and so do we.

    Good luck!

  2. Javin has a shower while i make his lunch, then we get dressed and off we go after either pancakes or cereal. We wake up at 7:30- out the door an hour later!

  3. Thanks Jules, and Jackie…my challenges surround all the stuff that needs to be done, like you mentioned Julie, I always find that we are scrambling for books, agendas, and getting the boys to brush their teeth?? Oy vey!

    If they go upstairs after they eat breakfast, I have no idea what they are doing up there. You would think that having boys, they would need less ‘primping’ time, but alas…they need more time than their mother!!! When they come downstairs, after ample amount of time, they STILL look dirty…hahah, with hair not done, teeth not brushed…

    I think having a checklist of the things they need to do in the morning is a great idea…and I will have to steal that checklist thing, and ACTUALLY have them check it off, or else they will not do it. My items are very similar to yours Julie, with a couple extra, cuz they are a bit older than yours…

    Add to the chaos of getting ready in the morning, I start receiving my adopted kids at 7:30, so then my attention is totally split, and there are mornings where I swear, I’m gonna chuck someone out a window, with their schoolbag flying closely behind…lol..

    Great tip…will start on Monday!! Doing lunches and setting out breakfast even the night before is also helpful. What types of things do you do for breakfast?? Pancakes Jack Jack??? My kids would want to adopt you! šŸ™‚

    Thanks again for the tips, please keep them coming!! I appreciate them all!

  4. Hi LIz,

    It took me awhile to get a routine on the go with my two girls but our mornings are the smoothest part of the day.

    As soon as Megs wakes up I change her and dress her. We then go into the bathroom and do her hair and wash her face. She’s now good to go with what I have to do with her.

    While I am getting Megs ready, Sarah Lillie is eating her breakfast and dawdling šŸ™‚ When I am done with Megs I yell out to Sarah Lillie and she comes upstairs. I have her drawer open for her to pick out her outfit ( Everything is in matching pairs) she gets dressed and at the same time I am getting dressed. Gary brings Megs downstairs and gets her going on her breakfast. I do Sarah’s hair and wash her face and off she goes. It makes it so much easier getting one ready at a time!

    I have snacks packed the night before and in the fridge. Backpacks are all emptied and papers signed and back in the notetote just waiting for the lunch bag in the mornigs. I also make sure that I put their footwear and mitts and hats and jackets on the floor before going to bed so I’m not scrambling.

    Now if only I could get a routine down for when I get home!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Jolene!! Every little bit helps…Julie, the boys have had a checklist now for the week, and it has been an absolute miracle. I haven’t had to ask them multiple times to do the things that they need to, and they have been ready to leave for school so much earlier! AND they are so much happier…so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am very excited about this. Our mornings are even calmer, more pleasant and organized!!! You ROCK!!

  6. Yayy, success! Glad it’s working for you. Now if only my kids would stop fighting after they’ve completed their morning tasks, I’d be pleased as punch also!!

  7. hahah…I know what you mean. It’s the same everywhere I think!!

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