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Potty Training

I am currently toilet training Kaeden, my youngest, and have had a couple of people ask about my potty training routine, so here goes. I am sure there are more than a dozen ways to potty train, but here is what has worked for me so far. I have potty trained a ‘few’ kids, having a home daycare…still always a daunting task. Months before I started training Kaeden, I had the date circled on the calendar. Not for Kaeden, for me. It took months to get used to the idea of potty training him…

Things you will need:

A whole lot of track pants…they are easier to get on and off


a whole lot of undies…


plastic pants (hard to find but great if you can find them)

and oh, did I mention, PATIENCE?? (I’m not kidding)

a potty seat (I like the ones that go straight on the toilet, especially since you can bring it with you in a diaper bag for outings)

…and yah, that thing again… PATIENCE!

Week 1

Put your kiddie on the toilet every 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes. Have them sit on the toilet for a minimum of 5 minutes, unless they release quickly. Do not restrict liquid. In fact, in week one, it is handy to pump your child FULL of liquid, so that they pee A LOT! The goal of week one is to have your baby release in the toilet. It’s a strange feeling, and can be kind of scary.

I do not believe in smarties, etc., as a reward for potty training, instead, we celebrate the victory with lots of ‘hurrays’ , hugs, dancing and singing. The reward for Kaeden peeing on the potty, is that he gets to flush the toilet. Which, you would be surprised, is such a joyous occasion for him. Especially when typically, toddlers aren’t  allowed to hang out in the bathroom. God knows I’ve found all sorts of things in my toilets, thanks to my little men.

When I toilet, I also teach baby to take off, and put on their own clothes. Toiletting is the whole experience of undressing, peeing, cleaning, dressing, washing up. So make sure you are ready for all of this. I know some parents who are still wiping bums and their kids are 8. I’m not judging, whatever floats your boat, but I’ll be all done with that by 2.5.

Using the toilet at our house, is a ‘singular’ event. Meaning, there is no company. Kaeden gets to bring a book with him, but that’s it! No mom.

Week 2

Increase the length of time that you bring your child to the toilet. I never ask either, I just say ” time to go pee”. If you give your two year old a choice, the choice will more than often be a resounding “NO”. So to alleviate this scenario, I don’t ever ask. (LOL…harsh, I know!)

This week, if your child has accidents, which they will…try not to freak out. Remember? PATIENCE. I did say you would need lots of it, and I wasn’t kidding. Instead, just explain that everyone pees in the toilet, and not in their clothes. At this point, allow your child to undress, and then have them sit on the toilet, UNTIL THEY RELEASE. This is important. If you skip this step, your child will keep wetting their clothes, and will not use the toilet, because they may think that peeing in their clothes is the alternative to the toilet. In order to encourage your child to release in the toilet after an accident, offer them a big drink!

Week 3

By this week, your child should be telling you when they have peed. Kaeden, (currently in week 2) yells and says ‘mommy!!!! I all done!!’.

There will be setbacks, and that’s okay. Keep the faith. We all end up peeing in the toilet!


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