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I have so many close friends that come to mind as I write this…

While I have my wonderful and loving family, I miss my dad terribly this time of year…his jokes, his laughter, his heartfelt prayers around the dinner table, just the way he could always talk to the youngest child, teenager, or grownup. His ability to really listen, hear, and CARE about whoever he would speak to or meet. He would always seek out the person in a crowd who was alone, and engage them in conversation. So many of these people usually ended up around our dinner table, and went on to become his closest friends.

My dad, Claudius Brown II is one of the greatest men I have EVER known.

As I write this, I can’t help but get a little teary. This time of year makes me remember so many great things…

I remember as a child, my dad teaching me how to ride my first two-wheeler..

I remember as a teenager, the countless nights that my dad would wait up for me at night,  (who am I kidding…early morning) with a cup of hot chocolate…

I remember fondly as a young adult our countless discussions or heated debates about religion…

I remember the love in my father’s eyes as he walked me down the aisle…

I remember the pride in his eyes as he held Kai, Isaiah, and finally Kaeden in his arms for the first time, and prayed for their health and happiness.

And so, today, I am taking a minute, through my tears, to remember my wonderful and fearless, now Angel Papa, who I know looks down on me…and I wish…

I wish…to heed the lessons that I learned from him…

I wish…to pass on his legacy of strength, laughter, positivity, creativity and love….

I wish…to be as kind in my daily life, as he was to every life he touched…

I wish…to raise my 3 beautiful boys to be as fearless, and strong as their father, and wonderful grandfather…

I pray, for everyone who has lost someone, that you may feel comforted today, every day, and through this holiday season.

While today, I cry, I also smile, for my dad, was a great man.  So many wonderful memories to cherish. May all your holiday wishes come true!


Comments on: "Claudius Brown…A Christmas memory…and a Christmas wish…" (4)

  1. That was beautiful Liz, so very beautiful! A wonderful man created a wonderful daughter! I love how you talked about so many great memories together;I loved reading this.

  2. Thank you Jackie! I love and miss him so much. It never gets easier, in fact, I am so afraid of losing the memories, and forgetting his face. I fear that the most. Isaiah reminds me a lot of him, and has a very similar personality. There really are no accidents…and yes, I really do have SO many memories of my daddy…all of which make me laugh…he was truly wonderful…a gentle spirit..

  3. Joania Burnett said:

    Simply beautiful tribute to your dad..I totally understand how you feel this time of year, as I feel the same bit of emptiness in all of my christmas joy with my family…someone’s missing but we know that they are in a better place.

    You need not fear that you will lose your memories, they have a way of staying vivid in our mind as long as we keep it alive…these memories can be comforting, calming and sometimes entertaining…and your father will forever live on in you and your children…I truly believe that. I see glimpses of my mom’s personality in my son and unfortunately, they never got the chance to meet each other….they do live on in our kids…
    You are a beautiful soul, Liz and I know that your dad is proud…all the best to you and the Knight boys this season! Big hugzzz 🙂

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