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What to do….what to do!!

Well, the Christmas holidays have officially arrived. For me, that means, no packing lunches, no waking kids, LOTS of relaxation, and an extra 30 minutes of gym time in the morning. All very blissful….however….

What to do with 5 boys??? Yes, 5 boys. I have thought about this, and coming up with ideas close to home is a little bit challenging, but I am DETERMINED to keep television and video games to 30 minutes/day this week. My own personal challenge.

Every so often, we implement a ‘no tv or electronics’ policy, and it slowly fizzles, to the point where it seems the kids are watching the tv till their eyes dry out of their heads…I have also found that the more tv my guys watch, the more their imagination fades…and who wants that?!?

So, for the next 4 days, I am going to try to fill our days with tons of activity, and productive ‘down’ time.

This morning, the boys made their own crafts:

They used their imaginations to make all sorts of neat things…

While the kids were crafting, I thought I would take the time to do some Christmas wrapping, and found that I had run out of those little gift tags..so I decided to reuse some of my pretty Christmas cards from last year. By cutting out the image on the front of the card, you can make some really pretty gift tags….

After lunch, the boys headed out for some winter fun…

….and now, are playing quietly…it’s only 1:45!!!! Yikes!! LOL….stay tuned for our adventures this week!!


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