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Christmas festivities are almost coming to a close. One more celebration with my mom and all of the Brown family, and then we will all say goodbye to another year…it feels as though the older you get, the faster time moves….

Sitting here in silence, and enjoying the sound of nothing…the only thing I hear is the sound of my keys clicking as I type, and taking time to reflect upon the past year. A year full of all kinds of learning experiences.

My wish for this next year is to stay healthy, and love every minute of living life, time with family, and time with friends.

I plan to take time to smell the roses more, and to rush less.

…to kiss and hug more…

…to listen more…

…to find beauty in the ordinary…

…to laugh, no matter what.

…to do more acts of random kindness…(even if that means picking up stinky soccer stuff)

…to read more…

…to see things through the eyes of another, and to be slower to judge…

…to play more…

…to live every day to the FULLEST and to do my BEST at whatever I choose to do…every…single…day.

Anyone out there have any plans for making 2011 the best year ever??


Comments on: "Resolutions?" (2)

  1. WOW! Can I use some of yours?
    I always try to live by : patience, simplicity, and compassion. So far I haven’t been able accomplish them at all times, but I’m trying to eventually achieve those things in totality. Besides that, I think 2011 will be my year!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love that Jackie. Patience, simplicity and compassion. That’s why you are so lovely…and yes, I agree. 2011 will be your year!!

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