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I sometimes think I have too many hobbies to do any of them justice, but having dinner parties is one of my most favorite things to do…since I LOVE to cook.

This weekend, we hosted two of our closest couple friends. Getting together with these two particular couples is always so much fun. Our conversation is always plum full of ‘spice’.  Always guaranteed laughter.

The menu for Saturday’s dinner party was inspired by Moxies….yup, Moxies! Two of my favorite items on the menu. Steak Salad, and the Halibut.

Our family is pretty social. We love spending time with family and friends…our boys are following closely in our footsteps. So before hosting our dinner party, I hosted 2 of Kai and Zay’s friends, with a little dinner party of their own…Fajitas and Cheesecake!!


Comments on: "One of my favorite things…" (3)

  1. It was much better than anything on the Moxies menu!!

  2. I think I commented on the wrong ost, but this meal was much better than anything on the Moxies menu! Nothing against Moxies, I think they have good eats, but this was great.

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