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Precious moments….

Easter was particularly special for me this year. Lately, as a mom, wife, sister and just me, I have been feeling very challenged. Having kids is such a blessing, and to raise them properly, I feel as though I would like about 40 hours a day….and still then, I am sure I would feel like I need more time…

There are 5 siblings in my family, and we do not get to see each other all together, as often as I would like. Easter Saturday was so special. We were all together, and even though, our one on one time was limited, the pictures in my mind will last a lifetime. I took the time to sit and watch, and to see each and every one of our own children interact with each other. Family is such a blessing.

I listened to stories of my oldest nephew’s impending adventures….all the while, remembering him as our ring bearer in our wedding, at the tender age of 4. Now he’s 19 and off to China. I listened to my mom’s adventure stories of her cruise and, I watched as my brothers reconnected…all the while, enjoying my own exchanges with precious family, hearing how my dad would have laughed, and feeling his presence and love…

On Sunday, we had a tremendous visit with my sister-in-law, and my second mom and dad. Seeing how the kids eyes light up when they see their grandparents, is special beyond words. Good food, great conversation….perfection.

What I enjoyed most about this weekend is the time we all spent just ‘being’. Doing the things we enjoy, not rushing off anywhere, and just reconnecting as a family. With so much to do in everyday, ordinary life, it is nice to stop.

I am in love with each and every one of my family members, and blessed that each one is a part of my life. I am happy, and feel blessed, that every once in a while, we get the chance to slow down enough, to take note of these precious moments…


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  1. Very special! :))

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