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…another reason he was so fantastic…

Something Oprah said in her last show really rang true for me, and helped me understand even more, what a fantastic man my father was. Everyone needs validation. Do we really listen when others talk? Do we really see each other? I know in my heart that my dad listened to me, and heard every word I spoke. He really saw me.

So even though my dad is no longer around physically…through the magic of television, I am once again reminded of the wonderful blessing that was my father. Claudius Brown. I will strive to take the time, and to really listen to my loved ones. To really hear, and to really see them. People are to be cherished and loved.

Thank you Claudius Brown, for living this, and being this. I am STILL learning wonderful lessons through your legacy…..lol…and through watching Oprah!! 🙂



Today would have been my dad’s 73rd birthday.

Mixed feelings today. Happy that my father is no longer suffering, but sad that he is not here to see all that has happened in the last couple of years since his passing.

He would have been so amazed to see his grandchildren…they are all growing so big, and 3 of his grandsons are already taller than he was…he would have gotten a kick out of that…though, I am sure he is looking down with a big smile.

My dad loved McDonalds….he loved a good burger. He loved to watch beautiful sunsets, enjoyed listening to great jazz music, and enjoyed anything having to do with art. Today, I plan to do all of these things in his memory.

Just taking a minute today to honour and remember you dad. Your kind eyes, and warm smile. You will always be in my heart.

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