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I’m not a huge baker, but I love to cook. I am also VERY conscious of what my family and I put in our mouths…all that being said, the season of pancakes is forever at our house, and we often eat pancakes with preserves, and everything with a little bit of jam….

So, I did some research, called on my friends who are expert jam makers, and decided to try my hand at jam making. I won’t lie, I felt VERY intimidated….especially not being the ‘Martha Stewart’ type.

Get ready. This jam is SO complicated!!! HA!



Lemon Juice.

Yup. Those are the ingredients…..I did not measure anything at all.


Cut tops of strawberries

Blend strawberries, pour puree into a pot

Add sugar to taste

Juice of 1 lemon

Bring to a rolling boil. Pour into sterilized jam jars (I understand you can sterilize bottles in the oven at 250 for 20 minutes) then just boil the lids. Pour jam into bottles (wide mouth funnel helps with this) Seal jars…voila!

So…to all my non Martha Stewart friends who are intimidated by the jam making process…don’t be!!

Tasted my jam – very yummy. Could have been a wee bit thicker, so I may add some pectin to batch #2. Stay tuned!!!

A little bit of heaven in every bite!

First attempt!


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