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Our time away…

My gorgeous husband and I recently returned from a week-long trip down south. While the circumstances were initially sad, as we went to bury Jeff’s grandmother, it was a wonderful and positive trip.

Life is always so busy, trying to fit in the time with family, cultivate friendships, and to keep marriages fresh and new….you know what I mean. Being away definitely gave me time to reconnect with my best friend, meet some of my extended family, and believe it or not, gave me the chance to miss my 3 babies…if you’re a mom who works from home with young children, I am sure you understand where I’m coming from….

…anyways, being away helped me appreciate so many different things. It helped me appreciate how much I really love my Jeff. Sometimes days go by and we have only had time to talk about the logistics of our lives. It helped me appreciate how as much as I enjoyed my time away, I would not trade having my 3 gorgeous boys for all the alone time in the world. And yes, it made me remember how much I love a full night of uninterrupted sleep, hot coffee, and eating a meal and actually tasting every delicious bite. I sometimes forget how much I love the taste of food.

Time away, every once in a while is really wonderful.


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