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Me 1 – Mini – 0

Sometimes, parenting is pretty challenging. Stick-to-it-ness is what keeps me sane on the best of days.  Over the summer, my little dude, being in a house full of big people, got a wee bit spoiled…we dressed him, fed him, and did all sorts of extra’s for him…now that we are well in the swing of our regular routine, I guess my little guy thinks that he should be spoon fed….

This morning, he cried for TWO.HOURS.AND.FOURTY.FIVE. minutes. Talk about the need for patience. Usually, way before this point, someone would give in and feed him…but, today was the day it had to be done. A lot of tough love for a little determined, strong-willed dude…and of course, a lot of snuggles and encouragement….guess what? We did it. I didn’t leave the house screaming, and Kaeden ate breakfast on his own….

I know there will be tough mornings from here on out, but I am determined to stick to our routine. As moms, we want our kids to grow with confidence and independence. Sometimes, it’s a hard road getting there….but we love them, so we help them along…

…seems like a small thing, but small things encourage bigger things…I know some of you moms out there know exactly what I’m talking about…

We did it!


Comments on: "Me 1 – Mini – 0" (1)

  1. He has his Mother’s strong will!
    Love the post.


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