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Wife, mommy, Liz?

Which comes first?

It’s never the same…balance..

There’s that word again. I write and talk about balance a lot, in every aspect of life. It’s sometimes a real challenge.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was carefree, lived and loved life to the fullest, or so she thought. Life was full of shopping, travel, eating in fine restaurants, partying with girlfriends, discovering herself.

Then, one day, this girl found her prince charming, fell in love, and thought that this was the most wonderful life of all. This girl and her prince charming continued growing together, exploring the world, and building a life together. They enjoyed quiet meals together in fancy restaurants, they enjoyed working out together, traveling the world together, and all kinds of leisurely activities..

Some time passed, and this girl’s heart grew beyond belief at the birth of their first son. This girl thought her heart was as full as it could get, till she met her second son, and finally her third.

Hmm…she thought. Now, how do I juggle all of these wonderful pieces in life?

I find myself in the exact same place as the above princess (who shall remain un named) :)…

I still struggle with giving equal time to different parts of my life, and find myself compartmentalizing different areas of time.

But what I am learning is that it is important to put yourself first. This is really difficult, but I am learning that it’s ok.

The years fly by, and I do not want to be filled with ‘shouldda, woulda, coulda…’

So, though life is admittedly crazy in our thirties…it’s okay. Things will slow down….kids will grow up…and instead of thinking ‘I shoulda…’ I hope I’ll be saying ‘I’m glad I did’ all the while, walking hand in hand with my awesome husband and beautiful boys…afterall…is there any other reason?


Comments on: "Wife, mommy, Liz?" (2)

  1. Very, very true. We can’t make others happy unless we are happy our self!

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