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Cancer….BUST A MOVE!

…about 3 years ago, the word ‘cancer’ took on a very different meaning to me.

It was about 3 years ago, when I received a call from my mom saying that my dad was very ill in Trinidad…they moved to Trinidad for the winters, and would live here in the summer months…

…as I write this post, tears are streaming down my face…I love, and miss my dad every waking minute. We got a call from my mom saying that my dad was very ill, and if we wanted to say our goodbyes, we would have to travel immediately to do so. This is one visit that changed my view of the world, of life, of everything. I see the world differently through my experience of having had cancer touch my family so deeply.

The visits to the hospital were sometimes sad, and sometimes happy. Those last days were tough, but God gave my dad enough energy to see, and say goodbye to all of his 5 children. I feel blessed that I had my dad to see me through graduation, marriage, the birth of all 3 of my children…for this I am truly grateful…my dad lost his battle with cancer a few days after we returned home to Canada.

On this same visit, my oldest brother learned that he would just begin his battle with cancer. Thankfully, he is in remission. So, when the opportunity of BUST A MOVE presented itself, I thought I would do my little part in helping raise funds to help find a cure for a disease that has touched us all in some way or another….

Please take a minute to click on the link, and to donate. Every penny counts! I’ll even wear a pink tutu 😉



Comments on: "Cancer….BUST A MOVE!" (2)

  1. Katie Squires said:

    Oh boy Liz that one got me crying too….it is a disease that has really touched us all in someway…its very tangible and real..and sad. Thank-you for sharing your post, and for joining in on Bust a Move…so glad to have you on our team 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing Liz – we are going to kick butt at Bust!

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