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Dear dad….

Dear Dad,

Tomorrow will be 3 years since God made you an angel…not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I think of you whenever I walk by our piano and hear the beautiful music your grandson plays us almost nightly…I see your smiling face in Isaiah’s eyes, and hear you whenever he tells a joke, very reminiscent to ones you would tell.  I see you in the shape of Kaeden’s hands, feet and face, and in his spirit. I miss you so much, it still hurts so deeply in my very soul…

I miss how wise you are, how calm you made me feel inside, the warmth of your kindness. I miss our heated religious debates, and your view of the world. Mostly, I miss how your hugs would automatically make everything better.

Whenever Kai plays the piano, I remind him how special his gift is, his legacy from you….when I see how silly Isaiah is, I often comment how much he is like you…and when I put Kaeden to bed at night, I tell him stories of his angel grandpa. He has started to really ask about you dad…I wish you could see how wonderful your grandsons are…but I know you peek in on us from time to time, and keep us safe, and feeling loved.

I haven’t painted much this year, because when I do, it makes me cry, but I will keep trying. Missing you is really hard, but I feel that is a blessing your suffering has ended.

I love you daddy. You are forever in my heart, and always a blessing. Though my thoughts of you today make me cry, they are tears of happiness for you truly are the best dad a girl could ever have.



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